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Damien Masterson - Africambio! - 2015 - Recorded in South Africa, Ivory Coast and Senegal. A collaborative effort over many years and several visits, Africambio serves as an audio journal of Damien's adventures living and performing around the African continent from 2009 - 2015. Co-Produced and mixed with Andrew Higgins.

Damien Masterson - All Over the Map - 2009 Considered one of his finest albums, it showcases his compositional and arranging talents, as well his trademark harmonica and saxophone chops. A collaborative effort with Bassist/Producer Jon Evans of San Pablo Recorders featuring Allison Miller on Drums and Julie Wolf on Keyboards, “All Over the Map” has been dubbed a “must have.” 

Damien Masterson, Cubacambio! - 1999 Recorded in Havana, Cuba, featuring Damien on tenor sax and harmonica on a wonderful meld of Western pop and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Co-Produced and mixed with Jonah Sharp.

Spacetime Continuum, Astral Werks - 1999 On the cutting edge of electronic music is Jonah Sharp, a.k.a. "Spacetime Continuum." Damien is featured on tenor sax and chromatic harmonica. He has also performed live with Jonah, opening for Carl Craig, Todd Terry and Fatboy Slim

Kitty Margolis - With a Twist - 1997 With the legendary Charles Brown, featuring Damien on "Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?" 

Rad. - Higher Plane - 1997 - Featured on chromatic harmonica on the phenomenal singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Rosanne Delamonta-Kirsch’s third release. 

Damien Masterson - Intercambio - 1996 Latin-influenced 1996 disc released after Damien’s return to the U.S. Features an all-star lineup of Bay Area musicians - Marcos Silva, Mike Marshall, Celso Alberti & Sandy Cressman

Zerro Santos Big Band, Sao Paulo, 1993 Damien on chromatic harmonica and 2nd tenor sax with Brazilian bassist Zerro Santos’ 20-piece ensemble. 

Live Performances:

Damien has performed solo and as a sideman all over the globe. Here's a small sample:

Noteworthy Performances/Recordings/Cameos:

Damien has also worked with Ed Bogas Productions, Brian Morgan (BamJam), Ricky Encarnacion (Menudo), Prince/SF Productions, Ripe Productions, recorded on commercials and jingles for Pak’n’Save, Yahoo!, Orchard Supply Hardware, and many others.

Video Game soundtracks: