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intercambiocoverReleased in 1996
Recorded after my return from Brazil, where I lived for two years.
Predominantly a Brazilian Jazz album, with Funk & R&B roots shining through. A classic!



Released in 1999
Mixing Cuban rhythms, Brazilian, Funk and Blues.
The boundaries between genres were assaulted and buried on this album.
An adventurous collaboration with Cuban musicians recorded in ICAIC studios, Havana, Cuba, in 1997.



Released in 2004
This CD holds all the bits and pieces to fill in the gaps that my other CD’s leave. Literally.
These tracks are remnants of other albums and demos, which I enjoyed enough to release. Hopefully you’ll like them too!



Released in 2005
This CD showcases my Pop/Rock and Beyond compositions and vocals.

It’s a departure from the Jazz format, with Zappa-esque forays, including “Pocket Pool” and “Mustang Sally” in Mandarin Chinese. Party on!



Released in 2009
The latest release, I consider it one of my finest albums.
The music showcases my compositional and arranging talents, as well as trademark harmonica and saxophone chops.
It also signals a return to more “World Jazz” roots, ala my “Intercambio” release almost 15 years earlier.