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At the age of 14, inspired by Blues masters Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter and Sonny Terry, Damien started playing diatonic harmonica. At 16, he received as a gift an alto saxophone, and applied the theory learned through sax lessons to another recent gift, the chromatic harmonica. Around that same time he was introduced to Altaneze Taylor, the founder of Bright Moments Music Lovers’ Club. Through her organization, he met and studied with professional musicians and learned about Jazz history and culture. Find out more.

  • Harmonica Virtuoso & Saxophones
  • International Composer & Arranger
  • World Class Instructor & Lecturer
Womex-DZM & Wilfried
Orq Polyglot 4
Guinea Bissau – EUB da Rosa 8
Guinea Bissau 10
DZM & Nick Gold
Wedding 2
Dakar JazzFest 1

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