After 10 visits to Havana, Cuba in 1997, and countless hours of post production here in The States, I released “Cubacambio!”; my second major release. Cuban rhythms mixed with Brazilian, Funk and Blues. The boundaries between genres were assaulted and buried on this Album. Enjoy! My favorites: Malecon Blue, Realiza tu Proyecto and Anansi the Spider.


  1. Malecon Blue
  2. News
  3. 14 Mission
  4. Realiza Tu Proyecto
  5. Hi Fidelity
  6. D’s Danzon
  7. Radio
  8. Oxana
  9. Radio Reloj
  10. El Que Te Quiere Nunca Muere
  11. In My Time
  12. 100 Cubanas Lindas
  13. Entrevista
  14. Anansi The Spider
  15. Radio
  16. Abreme La Puerta Al Cielo
  17. No Me Tormentas Ahora

Musicians on these tracks:

Damien Masterson Chromatic & Diatonic Harmonicas, Tenor Saxophone – Elmer Ferrer Guitar & Tres, Vocals on 10
Roberto Carcassés Piano & Keyboard, Percussion
Descemer Bueno Bass (except 3, 11, & 14), Vocals on 10
Andrew Higgins Bass on 3, 11 & 14
Leo Angel Rodrigues Drums
Alejandro Aparicio Tumbador


Man, I can’t praise your c.d.’s enough. They are VERY cool and hip. Your playing is superb. You must have some interesting stories to tell about the making of these albums. I hope I can hear them sometime.”

Charlie Musselwhite

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October 9, 2019