My third release, a compilation of bits, pieces and outtakes that I released in 2004. This albums filles in what other albums might have left out; lots of history here, some baby pix as well. My favorites: Student Loan, Lady in the Shadows.

  1. Funk ala fax
  2. Deixar Voce
  3. Student Loan
  4. M.O.2.F
  5. Pas
  6. Jaded
  7. Maybe
  8. Ideas of Love
  9. Ain’t Blues
  10. Lady in the shadows
  11. Petite Fleur
  12. You’ve got a friend

Musicians on these tracks:

Damien Masterson Chromatic Harmonicas


“Damien can rip through a melody or express a note. A rare talent.”

Songwriter’s Monthly

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